Folks at the Lake of the Ozarks Are Miffed About This T-Shirt? Really?

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Other shirts embarass the Lake of the Ozarks a bit more than this one.
According to the Rolla Daily News, some folks down in the Lake of the Ozarks are getting all hot 'n' bothered about a new t-shirt that's flying off the racks in Wal-Mart stores in that area.

The shirt's message: "Came on Vacation; Left on Probation."

Behold the displeased quote from Tim Jacobsen, executive director of the Lake's Convention & Visitors Bureau:

It is surprising that a major retailer such as Wal-Mart would condone selling a product that portrays a negative image of the destination that supports its profits.
Now wait a second. All due respect to you, Mr. Jacobsen, but does this t-shirt truly surprise you, or the fact that Wal-Mart wants to cash in on it? Aren't raunchy tees a tradition at the Lake? 
Like this one?
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Or how about this one?

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Part of the fun at the lake of the Ozarks -- when you're not partaking in the squalid perversion of Party Cove -- is going to restaurants with suggestive names, such as the the Horny Toad  or Shady Gators (note how the mascot's pants are down around his ankles):

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Can you really blame Wal-Mart for joining in the spirit (and making a little coin in the process)? 

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