Last Week's Funniest Tweets by St. Louis Funnypeople

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Every week or so, Daily RFT sifts through "the Twitter" for choice nuggets by St. Louis comics and comic-aspirants. Here are a few that tickled us recently.

Max Fitzgerald

Josh Arnold

Sean O'Brien

Matt Conty

Zack Stovall

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Check out @JustLindaSTL for funny twitter stuff.  She's local, not trying to sell you anything, and hilarious.  OK, this is Linda.  I just like talking about myself in 3rd person.  Get over it.

some jerk
some jerk

Did you miss the part where the author said it was the tweets of comics that he was searching? So uh, yeah. More than coincidence--stated objective, in fact. That said, I agree. These are pretty lame-o.


Is it more than a coincidence that each of the above men are either professional comedians or comedy writers? And if their comdey routines are as banal as the claptrap they tweeted they must be as funny as a  dead puppy in a pet shop window.

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