The University of Lindenwood-Belleville's New Football Field Is ... Unique

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The field reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.
The University of Lindenwood-Belleville will field its first football team this September in what was formerly Belleville's Township Stadium. To prepare for its first foray into NAIA football, the school completely refurbished the stadium, from the seating to the pressbox, and  all the way down to replacing the grass with high-tech EnviroTurf.

But the school didn't go with general issue green. Oh, no. Feast your eyes on this:

Lindenwood Belleville CenterFieldLogo.jpg
Is it glorious, or hideous?

Full disclosure here: I'm tint blind, so I'm taking LU-Belleville's word for it when the athletics department says that the field is "maroon and gray."  To me, that looks more bright red than maroon, but whatever. I think I like it, but I also think staring at it for the duration of a 60-minute game might make my head hurt.

Is that the worst field you've ever seen, or is it kinda snazzy?

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The Right at Night
The Right at Night

If it means anything--I've seen that the University of Maryland is going with an all-black turf this coming season.  Continuing the trend started with their--uh--unique uniforms that were designed by Under Armour.  And so it goes. . .

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