"Mary Junck" Takes to Twitter to Defend Bonuses and Threaten Employees

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[UPDATE: Moments after this post went live, the MaryJunckFake account was suspended by Twitter. Spoilsports.]

fake mary junck.jpeg
A certain deluded French monarch was the icon for the short-lived Twitter.
Well, that didn't take long. After Friday's purge at the Post-Dispatch, someone took to Twitter on Saturday to give voice to Mary Junck's inner Marie Antoinette. MaryJunckFake has thus far exhibited an interest in executive bonuses, flirting with Bill McClellan and a brutal disregard for feelings of her demoralized staff.


I dunno, it seems like it could really be her.

After the jump, some of the more interesting tweets from Queen of Davenport.
Despite the tone of this morning's wake up tweet, she's not entirely insensitive to the feelings of her staff. Well, not all of her 'em. There seems to be a genuine fondness for the P-D's sales department:

She fancies herself as quite the athlete as well.

Despite her trash-talking bravado, MaryJunckFake seems to harbor some warmth for at least one member of the editorial staff -- or is this tweet more menacing than inviting?

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