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Our comment-system R&D team is always working for the future.
Good news, everybody. As of a few moments ago, all three Riverfront Times Blogs (Daily RFT, Gutcheck and RFT Music) have a shiny new commenting system with lots of bells and whistles. It's called Livefyre and it's going to change how you interact with us.

So, what sort of features will you now be enjoying? Well, for starters, Livefyre works in conjunction with our existing social network, My Voice Places. If you're not already a member, you can create an account here -- it don't cost nothin'. Join me after the jump for some of the dandy new features Livefyre offers you, the reader.

Livefyre: The Bells and Whistles Explained

When conversation is happening about an article on Facebook or Twitter, you can now see that conversation within the commenting thread. You can also tag and import your friends from Twitter and Facebook within the comment stream yourself.

True Real Time:
You can see who is listening to a conversation and read comments in real time, making it easier to jump right into the discussion.

You can choose to be alerted via email when someone replies to or likes your comment.

One Platform:
My Voice Nation is a global profile system for all our properties. Soon, you'll be able to follow your favorite authors and news topics, giving yourself a customized experience of our sites. Starting today, your My Voice Nation profile is linked with your Livefyre account as one log-in. You don't need a My Voice Nation account to write a review on Voice Places and a separate Disqus account to comment on our stories. Your My Voice Nation is your one account for everything.

Follow Your Friends:
You'll be able to see what your friends are saying and doing on our publications and Voice Places now with this one account.

Easy Sign Up:
To sign up, just click "Sign in" in the new comments section. You can sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google or email.

What About My Older Comments?
Your older comments will migrate over to the new system. If you're reading this on Thursday, those comments might not be showing up yet -- they could take a few hours to make the trip. If you're reading this Friday morning,  your older comments should already be here.

Further Questions/Concerns
If it's major, hit me on my pager.

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Already annoyed with it. (a) What's the point of having an option to log in with twitter, FB, etc if the first thing it does after you do so is make you create a separate log-in account? (b) That separate login account demands your email address -- and the link to turn off spam to that address is broken. So, as far as I can tell, the only reason to install this instead of Disqus is so you can spam us with ads in ways that Disqus wouldn't let you? Looks like my spam filters will be getting a work-out.


But one can still post anonymously?


Yep, found more spam: it's opt-out, not opt-in, on getting emailed when people comment on an article that you also commented on. So if you set up an account on this system, make sure that you at least check the newsletters for your city (it will have opted you into one) and check your notifications (it will have opted you in for all three kinds).


Found it. Yep, I wasn't wrong, it auto-subscribes you to at least one spam list. And there is no "unsubscribe all" button, so I'm having to go through it page by page to check for them. Hate, hate, hate.

paul.friswold moderator editor

 @MikeN In theory, yes. There's an option box when your write a comment to post it anonymously. But at the moment we appear to be experiencing technical difficulties with the system. Firefox seems to be the browser of choice for this new system, so if you're having trouble logging in or commenting, try it in Firefox. Or just click on the author's name at the top of the post and you can send a comment directly to the writer.

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