Shooter Opens Fire on Goodfellow Boulevard, Injuring Two

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Three people were injured Sunday afternoon when a man opened fire in the 900 block of Goodfellow Boulevard in the West End. A 51-year-old black man told police he was driving north on Goodfellow when he heard shots, simultaneously with his windshield exploding. His car suffered further damage to the rear windows, driver's side door and front tire.

Two people standing on the street were also hit. A 21-year-old black woman told investigators she heard the shots and then was struck in the right shoulder. Her companion, a 34-year-old black man, was shot in the right knee. Both of them are in stable condition.

Police describe the suspected shooter as a 20-to-25-year-old black male wearing blue jeans and white t-shirt. He was the passenger in a brown-colored, two-door compact car.

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St. Louis has turned into the wild wild west...not quite as bad as Chicago, but we are running a close second.  While the RFT did report the mass shooting last Thursday evening at Louisiana and Miami - 5 shot, two dead - it is sad and disgusting that witnesses refuse to cooperate with the police. One of the victim's grandmother was on KTVI Friday evening. She stated witnesses and the victims know who the shooters are but refuse to tell the police. This is the mindset of fucking idiots and vicious animals.  By being so insensitive and callous to the victims and their families, these blind and amnesic witnesses are as evil and guilty as the shooters themseslves.  Grandma, however, did say in no uncertain terms she will tell the police the names of the shooters if she finds out who they are. Score one for grandma. And to those witnesses who protect the killers, I hope the next round of gunfire kills them and their family members. That is the justice they deserve! Just picture the three monkeys of yore - you have all seen them - they see nothing, they hear nothing and they say nothing. That pretty well sums up the situation.

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