Man Flips Off Springfield Judge, Gets 30 Days

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Maybe Stone Cold Steve Austin (pictured) inspired David Hernandez (not pictured)
Ah, another entry in the annals of poor decision-making:

On Wednesday, 31-year-old David Hernandez attended a court proceeding in Springfield, according to the News-Leader.

The first thing he did was disrupt the proceedings three times.

But oh, he wasn't finished yet!

This is what he did next:

"Upon Mr. Hernandez's departure from the courtroom, in direct view of Judge (Todd) Thornhill, (defendant) flails his arms and then lifts both arms in the air and extends the middle finger of each hand in utter disrespect and contempt of court," the docket sheet reads.
Bad move, David: Judge Thornhill found him in contempt and sent him to the slammer for a total of 30 days (which is basically the number 28 plus the sum of Hernandez's middle fingers).

Clearly, he's learned nothing about technique from Jemaine Clement and Brett McKenzie:

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