The 10 Dumbest "Sports" of the Summer Olympics

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7. Cycling BMX
Let's be frank. Some "sports" just need to remain in the "X-Games." That's the case with BMX, which debuted in Beijing in '08 and was somehow invited back for 2012. C'mon, IOC. "Do the Dew" and dew not extend the same invitation for 2016.

6. Shooting

olympic shooter.jpg
Fact: There will be nearly as many gold medals (15) handed out for the "sport" of shooting this summer in London as will be given to those people competing in swimming, acrobats and track and field. And we ask: Do these gunslingers deserve the same hardware as the conditioned athletes competing in physical sports? And if shooting is an Olympic sport, why not darts
or knife-throwing or, hell, competitive bass fishing? (That's assuming the origin of the shooting competition derives from hunting and not warfare, in which case, the IOC should consider adding such modern-day tactics as "roadside bombing" and "Drone strikes.")

5. Laser Pointing (a.k.a. Modern Pentathalon)

big buck hunters.jpg
The Swedish bikini pentathalon team in training.
Baron de Coubertin introduced the modern pentathalon to the 1912 Stockholm games because he believed this "sport" tested "a man's moral qualities as much as his physical resources and skills, producing thereby a complete athlete." The event combines fencing, horse jumping, shooting, a 3-K run and 200-meter swim. This year in a move that makes the modern pentathlon ever-more-modern (and to the great delight of video gamers who'd never considered themselves athletes before), the competition will add a twist. Instead, of firing lead pellets during the shooting event, pentathaloners will fire a laser pistol powered by a AA battery.

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