The 10 Dumbest "Sports" of the Summer Olympics

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4. Beach Volleyball

wedge issue.jpg
Beach volleyball, a wedge issue.
Another example of the IOC chasing pop culture, beach volleyball became an Olympic sport just in time for the 1996 games in Atlanta. It should have ended there. Since then the "sport" has been dominated by the Americans, Brazilians and Australians -- the only people who seem to give a shit about this event or, perhaps, the only nations with enough oceanfront and free time to bother fielding a team.

3. Rhythmic Gymnastics
Like a dry-land version of synchronized swimming (only campier), rhythmic gymnastics features a team of competitors prancing around to music while waving ribbons and twirling hoops. The sport debuted in the 1984 Olympics when a real gymnast -- Mary Lou Retton -- was murdering it on her way to Olympic gold and a Wheaties box. Today rhythmic gymnastics is dominated by the Russians, who've swept gold medals at the last three Olympics and are favored to do so again in London.

womens wrestling.jpg
Apparently we are not the only ones who give women's wrestling the finger.
2. Women's Wrestling
Remember when the height of women's wrestling involved a kiddie pool, a few dozen
packages of Jell-O and a dimly lit stage at a "gentleman's club." It wasn't that long
ago. Then came the 2004 games in Athens when the IOC decided to classy up female
'rasslin by officially declaring it an Olympic sport. (As if Vince McMahon and his
WWW "Divas" hadn't done enough?) Appearing in its third Olympics this summer, female wrestling is dominated by (who else?) the Japanese -- the same people who brought you such bizarre fetishes as Pokemon, MXC (and other bizarre game shows) and hentai (erotic anime). Go figure.

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