[VIDEO] St. Louis Mother Encourages Toddlers to Fight: "Ya'll Better Ball Up Some Fists!"

girls fighting.jpg
"Hit back!" yells the mother. "Ball up your fists!"
KTVI (Fox 2) broke the story on Tuesday. It's sensational enough that New York Daily News ran with it yesterday.

A video (below) posted this past Sunday onto Facebook shows two toddlers fighting as a mother of one of the girls eggs the children on.

"Ahh, shit. Got some action! Got some action!" the mother yells as the sobbing children begin hitting each other in the face. Seconds later the mother offers sparring lessons: "Ya'll better ball up some fists! Hit back!"

An acquaintance of the mother alerted KTVI about the video shared on social media and asked if the station could do something. The television station reports that it alerted the Missouri Department of Social Services, but privacy issues prevent the agency from saying whether its investigating the incident.

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