William Prada Charged; Allegedly Shot Boys He Suspected of Shooting Fireworks

William Prada res.jpg
William Prada
The man who allegedly fired off several rounds at a group of boys he suspected of shooting off fireworks has been identified as William Prada, 56. Prada has been charged with three counts of first-degree assault and three counts of armed criminal action. The 11-year-old boy injured in the incident remains hospitalized with a gunshot wound near his left hip. Two other boys, both age 10, were not injured.

Police say the three boys were in an alley behind the 4200 block of Blaine Avenue at 9:40 p.m. Thursday night, setting off fireworks from their bikes. Prada yelled at them about what they were doing, then drew his weapon.

Prada then fired several shots in the direction of the boys, according to the police, hitting the 11-year-old. A neighbor called the police at that point. Officers responded, and eventually arrested Prada on suspicion of first-degree assault. They recovered a firearm at the scene.

Prada is being held on a cash-only $75,000 bond. The name of the injured boy was not released. No word on whether any of the boys were issued a citation for the fireworks.

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Always seems like the police only show up after the shit hits the fan. Wonder if anyone called them before the gunplay happened.


Punk-ass kids, hopefully they learned a lesson.


if only he had his CCP this would have never happened ...


Not saying the kid deserved it but the news does not know the true story and what they displayed here is truly not what happened.  I's sure if anyone was working under a car and kids intentionally lit fireworks and threw it under the car I would've taken actions too.... Just saying

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