Campbell House Museum Burglarized [UPDATE]

Campbell museum broken window.jpg
Campbell Museum Facebook
This 130-year-old window is in shards this morning.
Updated with comments from the museum's assistant director, additional details of the crime, and lots more photos.

Administrators at the Campbell House Museum downtown shared pictures this morning of an apparent break-in at the restored 161-year-old home.

"Gah," the caption above a picture of a smashed window reads. "We had some unwanted visitors last night."

The picture shows an etched and frosted, quarter-inch thick door window pane smashed by a chunk of concrete. The pane was 130 years old.

According to a press release, the museum's weekend manager Lindsey Davis lives on the property and heard the alarms go off around 10 p.m. Davis discovered the outer doors jimmied open, the glass pane smashed, and the front doors wide open. She also found an empty cash box on the floor.

Campbell house rock .jpg
Shelley S. Niemeier
The concrete chunk used to break the window.

Though $98 was missing from the box, Assistant Director Shelley S. Niemeier says that's not the real cost here -- it's the destruction of the front door window pane. A repairman has already been in to assess the cost of replacing it.

"We'll have an estimate by the end of the business day today," says Niemeier. "We don't know how much, but it's going to be a lot. The window dates from the 1880s, it's a very ornate, etched window."

But history buffs being history buffs, Niemeier naturally found something to learn from the experience.

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I know it's wild speculation, but I can't help think it was most likely one of the homeless who camp on the streets in front of Larry Rice's NLEC shelter just down the block.  God knows they've had plenty of time to scope it out.  Whoever did this is an asshole with absolutely no respect for history or anyone/anything.  Destroying a museum is incredibly low....

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