[VIDEO] Is a Radio Host in the Ozarks Torturing Coyotes on Camera?

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A mangy coyote trapped by KNEO radio host Brad Harris
Caution, dog-lovers! The clip below might be uncomfortable for you to watch, because coyotes resemble pet dogs -- ugly ones, no doubt, but dogs all the same.

In fact, the radio host doing the trapping -- Brad Harris of the Christian station KNEO 91.7 FM in southwest Missouri -- even refers to the coyotes "dogs." (More on him in a second).

This was uploaded yesterday on YouTube, but looks like it was filmed during the last coyote hunting/trapping season, which lasted through last winter. 

It appears from Harris' comments in this video (and in others) that he's trapping the animals for their fur, which is perfectly legal and a traditional activity. But what struck us in this video was that Harris approaches the ensnared animals while they're still alive (and clearly freaked out) and talks about them to the camera before he shoots them -- and he surely will shoot the ones with nice coats; that's the whole point.

This seems like a violation of the "clean kill" ethic -- the notion that a hunter should kill prey as cleanly and quickly as possible in order to prevent trauma on their part. (For more on this subject, see our 2011 feature on celebrity waterfowl hunter, Jeff Foiles).  Videotaping them in states of distress doesn't seem like it conforms.

That said, farmers and rural folks tend to hold coyotes in much lower esteem than other game animals, like deer, for instance. They view coyotes the same way that city-dwellers view roaches and mice -- i.e., as pests to be wiped out (because they can harm livestock and wild game).

Image via
Brad Harris and another coyote capture.
While Harris is a widely-known guide and hunting personality (he hosted a show on the Outdoor Channel), he doesn't style himself as a blood-lusting Ted-Nugent-style wildman. According to his own website,
Brad's love for the outdoors is not driven by business or public exposure. It is deeply rooted in heritage and tradition that has been passed down to him through generations of hunters in his family.
Since 1996, he's been co-host of the "Christian Sportsman" radio show on KNEO down in Neosho. It's a now a national broadcast that "merge[s] Christian messages with outdoor tips and tricks."

Daily RFT isn't sure what to think. No one really objects object when, on fishing shows, a dude holds up a flopping, newly-hooked bass to the camera. It's been caught, and it can't breathe - but that doesn't bother us. 

Could it be that Harris' coyote videos only seem different because the animals resemble Fido?

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Shame on you for this headline and article, Nicholas. There is nothing that constitutes torture in the video. At all.


A lot of people that trap take live photos with the animal.... I myself do trapping with my cousin, and we always take live photos before we kill the animal. And typically with bigger animals the traps aren't made to hurt them, just keep them there. My dog got into one of our traps and when I let him out he limped for like two minutes and was back to normal. Yes this animal is scared in this video, but he's not hurting it. And they all have a moment of being scared because you have to get pretty close to get a fast clean shot. I don't believe that this is torture, just someone's opinion. I have a wolf hybrid and a husky and three cats I am and animal lover but I still enjoy the reward of trapping. If you don't do it and don't know how its done don't judge.


He removed the video because he realized that it exposed his true nature.  He has been pretending to be a Christian and a human.  I contend that he is neither.  Is he going to follow the usual pattern and "graduate" to human victims, or has he already done so and it just not has been exposed yet?


you are a DISGRACE!! NO CHRISTIAN that is for sure and anyone who hunts and kills animals is disgusting anyway you should have those things done to YOU ALL of you.....that is the pain you deserve for hurting and torturing and killing ANY animals!  you are EVIL


It bothers us because it should. Coyotes are closely related to domestic dogs are are at least as intelligent.  These animals not only physically feel pain, they also feel emotional distress, fear, and many more emotions that idiots like Brad Harris deny exist in any animals save humans.


It's a grotesque human perversion to take pleasure in the pain, suffering or killing of another being and one, incidentally that tends to progress to other personality traits that stem from a lack of empathy.  One day a torturer of animals, the next a budding serial killer.


@ This man is not a true christian. Killing & torturing a animal for profit & entertainment. This man makes me sick to my stomach!

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