Dave Catanese, Politico Reporter, Yanked from Todd Akin Coverage

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Dave Catanese in a 2011 television appearance.
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Dave Catanese, a Politico writer and former local political junkie, really stepped in it as the Todd Akin "legitimate rape" thing was absolutely melting down Twitter on Sunday evening. Catanese apologized for a series of tweets and was then pulled from covering the entire issue by his bosses.

All this despite the fact that he charged right in, seemingly, with total confidence in this first tweet: "@davecatanese: Ok, I'm gonna (ask for it) & defend @ToddAkin for argument's sake. We all know what he was trying to say . . ."

It quickly went downhill from there.

As some will recall, Catanese was a beloved KY3 reporter and contributor to the political blog KY3 Political Notebook. He left town for Politico in late 2009, though he seems to have kept a special place in his heart for the goings-ons in Missouri.

So naturally he jumped right in as soon as the boneheaded comments by Congressman Todd Akin lit the internet on fire Sunday afternoon.

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