Dave Spence's TV Ad Laments Closing of a City Business That's Actually Still Open

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Dave Spence is right: McHenry did close its doors...to move just a few miles away.
Updated below with a response from Spence's campaign.

Clearly, gubernatorial candidate Dave Spence wants you to see his TV ad entitled, "Sinking." It's the first thing that pops up when you visit his campaign site.

Makes you wonder: Does he know it contains a huge inaccuracy?

The spot opens on a shuttered industrial building with Spence's voiceover: "After 65 years, this business shut its doors last year," followed by the on-screen words: "McHenry Truck Equipment: Closed in 2011." Spence continues: "It's the same all over Missouri. Small businesses are struggling to stay afloat with Jay Nixon in charge."

Well, maybe, maybe not.

But Spence should probably find a better example to make his case: McHenry Truck Equipment did indeed close its doors in 2011 -- in order to move to its new location only four miles away, still within the city of St. Louis. As of yesterday, it was still open for business.

We know this because we drove out to the new location yesterday at 5525 West Park in the Cheltenham neighborhood (between Manchester Road and Forest Park). One sign hanging on a chain link fence (see photo below) and another on the front of the building both say, "McHenry Truck Equipment." We walked inside, where a gentleman emerged from an office refusing to answer any questions, saying only, "We don't have any political agendas here."

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So, a republican candidate fudging on the facts in an ad? Wow, how unusual, I mean besides every other ad on the air these days.

Steven Wilson
Steven Wilson

His greatness is in his mind, which is aluminum foil. cover!


And who calls himself a job creator when in fact he inherited a company his father started and ultimately sold it.



we should totally vote for this dude. Nothing says same old government like a guy who can't get his facts straight.

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