Executive Inn in Belleville is Apparently the Worst Hotel Ever

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Trip Advisor
Housekeeping has apparently relaxed their standards since this photo was taken.
A hotel in Belleville is making a name for itself in the national press -- unfortunately, it's for being nightmarishly awful. That's according to dozens of guests who spent a night at the Executive Inn and lived to complain about it.

Of 22 reviews on the site Trip Advisor (with names like "If you would like to die, stay here!" and "The only amenities were prostitutes and speed"), 21 rated the hotel "terrible." One kinder soul deemed it "poor."

"Oh sweet lord where do I begin :(," the most recent review begins. "The supposedly free wifi don't work, the tub, toilet and sinks were all clogged and backed up constantly. The water smelled like rotten fish, the ice machine was broke, there was a hooker that lived upstairs and did her job in front of her child!"

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Surely the pool is supposed to be that color.
The reviews found fans on Reddit, which is where the blog Boing Boing picked it up, writing "Executive Inn in Belleville, IL: not a nice place to stay, evidently."

On the lower end of the hotel's woes is the lack of cleanliness. Several guests complained that they never saw a cleaning crew and the rooms were filthy. Along with the usual hair clumps and dust, others found more exciting amenities, such as cockroaches (both dead and alive), boogers, blood, bullet holes, and -- in one case -- both a pair of men's briefs and a broken crack pipe. Two reviewers claimed they fell ill from black mold growing in the rooms.

Then there are the other patrons.

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