Five Epic Home Plate Collisions (Inspired by Yadier Molina and Josh Harrison)

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Josh Harrison knocks Yadier Molina down, but he's out.
Yadier Molina got blown the eff up by Josh Harrison on a close play at home plate Tuesday night, reigniting the ancient St. Louis-Pittsburgh war. Fortunately, Yadier has declared himself healthy, if a little sore, and he also ruled Harrison's hit as a "clean play" on Wednesday. Even better, Molina recorded the out. Manly.

Knowing that Molina's OK means we can once again enjoy the carnage of catchers being crushed by hard-charging runners. Join us after the jump for a selection of epic home plate collisions.

5. Josh Harrison Decks Yadier Molina

You may have heard of this one. Harrison leads with his shoulder, Molina stops him with his face and the out is recorded. It's a crunching impact, but will it stand the test of time as one of the most devastating home plate run-ins ever, or is it just because it's so fresh that it seems so violent? (Watches clip again.) Yeah, that's pretty brutal.

4. Mitch Canham Decks Flint Wipke

Catcher on catcher violence! Baserunner Mitch Canham is listed at 6'2'' and 205 lbs -- and he's currently a Memphis Redbird, but at the time of this play he was a catcher for the Lake Elsinore, um, Hamlets? (Wrong -- Lake Elsinore Storm). Catcher Flint Wipke is 6' and 215 lbs -- and he was born in Louisiana, Missouri, just so's you know. Two big guys who both know the importance of defending the plate meet in titanic blast of kinetic energy. It may be the minor leagues, but the collision is major.

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