Too Much Water Leads to Red Lobster Fracas?

Red Lobster trio.jpg
Geneen Green, Sharrel Evans and Britley Green (clockwise from top left).
A trio of women were arrested after allegedly attacking their waitress at the Fairview Heights Red Lobster last Friday afternoon. Sharrel Evans, 21, Britley Green, 22, and Geneen Green, 44, have each been charged with one count of mob action and one count of assault. They're being held on individual $50,000 bonds.

What could possibly go so wrong at a Red Lobster that you'd need to issue a beating to your server?

According to witnesses, the ladies became irate after their waitress filled their water glasses too frequently.

One of the trio responded to the insult of attentive service by hucking a recently-filled glass at the waitress as she walked away from the table, hitting her in the head.

When the server turned around to see what happened, she was battered in the face with the dessert book.

It's worth noting that this same Red Lobster had a wait staff assault last December. The reason for that one? The angry diners weren't happy with the service.

Jeeze -- doesn't anybody just leave a shitty tip and fill out a nasty customer comment card anymore?

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Shockingly the mugshots are exactly what I expected.


Huh, I didnt know you could use the food stamp card at Red Lobster....

paleblueeyes24 1 Like

Maybe they shouldn't have drank so much water then there would be no glass to "top off."  I'm not saying Red Lobster is a fancy place but it's not McDonalds.  Look at their mugshots.  Did they mistake Red Lobster for Long John Silver's or something.  Looking tore up.  Throw the book at them and I don't mean the dessert book.  Let's see how much they like the water from the sink above the toilet in their cell's.

KITTY 1 Like

This is twice a group of obnxious uncivilized black bitches assaulted someone there. Hopefully these three ugly butch beasts will get big fines and some jail time. Then they can really complain about the water coming from those stainlesss steel combination sink-toilets in jail. Fuck 'em!

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