Four Accused in Southwest Missouri Horse-Slashing Incident

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It's like a rural version of Equus, only without Jenny Agutter.
Something weird was happening in a barn in Taney County, Missouri, just south of Springfield. Dee Dee Ulrich told the Springfield News-Leader that she returned from vacation to find her barrel-racing horses with open slash wounds, some of them 18 inches long. They also showed signs of having been ridden hard and recklessly.

So she staked out the barn to find out who -- or what -- was abusing her horses.

Just after 11 p.m. on August 4, she saw four people trespassing, and quickly called police. Deputies arrived and most of the trespassers scattered; one of them stayed behind to speak with Ulrich and the officer.

The man, later identified as Chad Smith, 28, told them he and the folks who'd run off had been hired to work with the horses. Overnight.

Oh, and the deputy noted that Smith had a machete in hand while he was telling his story. Ulrich denied that anybody had been hired to work with her horses -- especially machete-wielding people. Smith allegedly told them he only brought the machete along for protection. From the mountain lions, you see.

No one was arrested that night, but the Taney County Sheriff's Office continued to investigate the case. On Tuesday of this week, Smith was charged with first-degree burglary in the incident. Also charged were Antwon Brown, 18; Amber Haskins, 18; and Chris Miles, 18, who were purportedly the runners on the night Ulrich called police.

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Anonymous this a blog, or a newspaper.? - if its a blog..kudos to your attempts at slander-if its a newspaper, and you a should do a better job of hiding your obvious bias, and stick to reporting fact..i could give you some pointers at remaining neutral, dont say stuff like this:"hired to work with the horses. Overnight.""Oh, and the deputy noted"or"From the mountain lions, you see."


..criminals don't stay back to have a chat with police, they scatter like 18 year olds...



 Remember whoever this is above me that this story IS true because I live here I know these people and they are not liars! I believe every word up there you know why? because Missouri is the Meth capital of the U.S. It has been proven that they were on some kind of drug while this happened so yes this would make sense for the teens to do this kind of thing. They weren't in there right mind when they did anything like this!


@sillverjumper @Anonymous 

Ok lets clarify a few things. I have been keeping up with this cause I too live in Missouri and you have no idea what you are talking about, (to the one above me)

There were NO DRUGS in these kids systems. SO that is your first LIE! And you may know these people but I have been in court on several occasions and DEE DEE the horses owners lied several times. So that is your second LIE! and last until you know the full story how about keeping your mouth shut. It is called slander when you say crap that is not true. So I have caught you in 2 lies already. But as you can see these kids have been found guilty instead of innocence like the law is required to do. You know the one INNOCENCE UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY! People are so quick to judge before they know the WHOLE truth. I personally think it is sad but hey Opinions are like A**h**** everyone has one!

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