Despite Blistering Vatican Censure, US Nuns Flying High After Conference in STL

Reyes-Lay said we might see the growth of alternative parishes--like St. Therese of Divine Peace where women are ordained as priests and leaders of the congregation--as people look outside an increasingly inflexible structure.

About 300 well-wishers joined Reyes-Lay and the Catholic Action Network near the grounds of the Arch to pray and show support for LCWR. CAN also held a vigil outside the Cathedral Bascilica in Central West End, where the Archdiocese is headquartered. Reyes-Lay said the Archdiocese did not respond to her invitation to join the vigil, but she was heartened that the Cathedral staff did not kick them off the property either.

lady gaga
LCWR nun or Lady Gaga? You decide.
Elsewhere, other St. Louis Catholics have been less enthusiastic. The prolific blogger "thetimman", a self-described St. Louis-area male who supports "Traditional Mass and Sacraments", had this to say on his blog SaintLouisCatholic about LWCR and the support they have received:

And as long as the LCWR orders are solidly in the camp of the left wing of the political world, ready to undermine the interests of the Church by giving political cover to those who hate Her, they will receive full protection from the media and their fellow travelers in the Church. They will have full and free reign to continue to agitate for socialism politically, and to embrace whatever heresy floats their collective boat. They will be cheered as they continue to support government programs that violate the Natural Law, kill the most innocent, and undermine the very fabric of society. They can just go on wearing their comfortable shoes, linking arms in front of nuclear power plants, supporting sodomitical "unions", and living in their tidy apartments.

Feminunzies: baby-killers in Crocs, who have Bacchus pro-sodomy gatherings outside nuclear power plants... and really clean apartments. Sounds like a hot new reality show, right?

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