Daily RFT Wants YOU To Help Us Nominate the Official Missouri State Dog!

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Who should be enshrined as the Missouri state dog?
It has recently come to Daily RFT's attention that while Missouri has, among many other symbols, a state bird (bluebird), state game bird (bobwhite quail), state invertebrate (crayfish), state animal (the Missouri mule), state American folk dance (the square dance) and will soon, pending approval by the state legislature, have a state exercise (the jumping jack, invented by Missouri native General "Black Jack" Pershing), it lacks a state dog.

How can this be? What creature can possibly be more beloved? (Besides, of course, the cat?) Eleven states already have state dogs. Are we Missourians not as deserving of a state dog as the residents of Louisiana (Catahoula Leopard dog) or Wisconsin (American Water Spaniel)? Have we been cowed by the travails of the legislators of Kansas, who, upon the nomination of cairn terrier (just like Toto from The Wizard of Oz) were besieged by anguished yapping from PETA, which claimed that the introduction of a state dog would be taken as an excuse to create more puppy mills?

No! We are Missourians! We are a state of hunters and park-strollers and couch potatoes, a state of people who love dogs! Do we not love our dogs more than we love our crayfish? Of course we do!

And so Daily RFT would like to humbly submit, for your consideration, a few candidates for Missouri state dog.

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Jim The Wonderdog beat my Grandmother at a game of cards.  True Fact.


This is all a bunch of BS.

Recent news makes it obvious that the Official Dog of Missouri is not a canine at all!

It's the Horse Meat Hot Dog, coming soon to select bistros in France and Belgium.


Why not add a nominee for "a puppy mill puppy".  After all, it does seem to encompass all Missouri has to offer.  We have incredibly weak puppy mill laws making us 43rd in the country in laws to protect animals (RFT =  After voters passed Prop B in 2010, our Republican legislature and weak Democratic Governor all gutted the legislation so that puppy mill owners can still profit at the expense of puppies (RFT =  The state dog will be created by a bill in the General Assembly, signed by the Governor, surely it seems fitting to give them the opportunity to sell out the voters again.


Hands down, it's gotta be Tammy Chapman. After all, she's been dogged around by the RFT a thousand times.


No contest. Jim the Wonder Dog is the greatest canine who ever lived. He could correctly understand different language and had human-like eyes. He could also see through time and toast bagels. No wonder the good citizens of Marshall, Mo., had the good sense to erect a statue of the pooch for all of Mid-Missouri to see.

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