[NSFW] What To Expect at Sunday's Go Topless Rally in Columbia, Missouri

go topless 1.jpg
Courtesy of GoTopless.org
**View slideshow of Go Topless events in other cities.

Earlier this month Daily RFT reported about a rally sponsored by the Raelian Movement (a religion that believes in UFOs) to encourage the women of Columbia to shed their tops.

"We want it written into the Constitution that women should be allowed to go shirt-free in public,"  Donna Newman, a Raelian priest and spokeswoman for GoTopless.org, told Daily RFT. "We were human beings before we're gendered."

So what can participants (and onlookers) expect this Sunday at Columbia's Peace Park?

If the following photos GoTopless.org shared with us (from rallies in other cities) are any indication, expect a lot of flesh, a lot of onlookers and a stray counter-protestor.

go topless 2.jpg

go topless 3.jpg

**View slideshow of Go Topless events in other cities.

go topless 4.jpg

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Aside from the counter-protesters, it actually looks pretty tame.

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