PHOTOS: CVC Revises Its Edward Jones Dome Proposal -- Let's Take a Look

CVC Dome Proposal Exterior.jpg
When last we heard from the the St. Louis Convention and Visitors Commission and the St. Louis Rams, the two sides were heading to arbitration over the required-by-lease changes to the Edward Jones Dome. Today, the CVC issued a newly-revised proposal to the team,  "In response to concerns raised in the Rams' alternative plan and in subsequent discussions." That revised plan is available online here.

The new plan is a 128-page document rife with technical specifications, pictures of proposed fabric swatches for the new seats in the club zone and seating layouts. What say we just look at the nice pictures and make some snap judgements?
You might recall that the Rams' plan called for a complete gut rehab of the Jones Dome from the exterior right down to the field. The CVC plan is more modest in imagining what needs to be done to the exterior structure, requiring "a dynamic building expansion at four concourse levels: the main, suite, club and upper terrace concourses." It would make the exterior of the Jones Dome look like this:

CVC Dome Proposal North.jpg

If you were actually on the concourse, it would look like so:

CVC Dome Proposal North Terrace.jpg

So, the CVC doesn't want to blow out all four walls, but merely expand the Broadway side of the Dome with wavy glass concourses. It looks to have much less of an impact on the day-to-day operation of the Jones Dome during construction than the team's plan would, which was definitely an issue for the CVC.

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