Rams: Same Sorry-Ass Team in Jeff Fisher's Debut

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"Okay, here's the deal, Marshall. I'm going to insult the Rams' fan base, and I want you to go along with it."
The Indianapolis Colts had just scored their third touchdown of the game -- on the way to a 38-3 rout of the Rams on Sunday -- when Fox broadcaster Andrew Siciliano turned to his partner in the booth, Marshall Faulk, and delivered a sermon of sorts about how important it is for St. Louis fans to pack the Edward Jones Dome this year -- to be the "12th man" for the team.

Yeah, right. For what?

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Sure, it's only the preseason, and only the first game at that, but Jeff Fisher's Rams failed to inspire yesterday in a game that provided all the signature hallmarks of the Steve Spagnuolo era.

Let us recap:

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If we ever decide to get another team after these godforsaken  losers go away,..please have them play outdoors...This dome stuff really takes all feeling out of the game..;


The football Cardinals sucked,..but I truly loved to watch them...I quit being a football fan when they left...The rams can go wherever they please...the sooner the better.


Yay! Football season is here!! Glad to be able to see some NFL games live here in STL (the tickets are cheaper than most other places I've been to).  Yeah, it's the Rams but it's better than nothing!!

Chris McDaniel
Chris McDaniel

Yeah but last year, they won all their preseason games and look what happened...

Steve Mincer
Steve Mincer

"I concur-Jeff Fisher was handed a big stinking bag of shit-give the man a chance to turn it around" hey...hey! the "blame the other guy" is obama's thing.

Leslee Brown
Leslee Brown

I concur-Jeff Fisher was handed a big stinking bag of shit-give the man a chance to turn it around

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