Robbery Victim Drives to Police Station While Being Robbed

Categories: Violent Crime
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[UPDATE: How the man arrived at the police station and the chronology of the incident updated with information from the police incident report.]

St. Louis Police officers were driving north in the 4000 block of Union, near the North Patrol station, when a car traveling south crossed the center line and stopped in front of them.

Out jumped a 23-year-old black man, who took off running. One officer gave pursuit, while the other checked out the car.

Inside he found a 32-year-old white man, bleeding from a gunshot wound in the ribs.

The injured man in the car told police the other guy had jumped into his car and held a gun on him. When the man drove toward the police car, the would-be robber shot him and ran.

That man was caught by the pursing officer near Union Boulevard and Margareta Avenue. That fast-running officer also recovered a handgun. The shooter is being held on first-degree assault and first-degree robbery charges. The victim is at an area hospital in critical but stable condition.

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