[VIDEO] Here's How it Felt to Run the Zombie-fied 5k in Wright City

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Click the video below to see what it felt like to outrun zombies
We value our brains and avoid feeding them to undead creatures. Thus Daily RFT decided not to enter the Run for Your Lives 5k last Saturday in Wright City.

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But a contestant apparently ran the race with a head-cam, and has since uploaded the footage to YouTube.

So now you can get a little taste of what it was like.

As far as we can tell, the zombies caused a few bottlenecks, and don't seem as terrifying on a gorgeous sunny day. However, runners were cutting, twisting and clearly going balls-out.

Our favorite dude sported a tee-shirt: "Will kill zombies for beer." After obstacles such as a foggy building, a wall climb and two different mud pits, he'd certainly earned a cold one.

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