Pal Joeys: Two New Kangaroo Babies at the Saint Louis Zoo

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Bexley tree kangaroo Robin Winkelman Saint Louis Zoo res.jpg
Robin Winkelman/Saint Louis Zoo
Say hi to Bexley.
The population of the Saint Louis Zoo increased by two over the winter, but the cuteness factor just grew exponentially. Kasbeth the Matschie's tree kangaroo and Conundrum the red kangaroo both gave birth to lima bean sized babies back in January; now those younguns are big enough to start venturing out of the pouch. And they are caaa-yute.

Video of these bouncing baby 'roos after the jump.

First we meet Bexley. He's a Matschie's tree kangaroo, a species that lives in the heavily forested mountain ranges of Papua New Guinea. Not much is known about how the live in the wild because of their remote habitat. You can visit him in the Emerson's Children's Zoo.

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