Akin's Latest "Gaffes" Alienate Grammar Nazis

Todd Akin is having a rough day. It doesn't help that his staff made a dumb typo on his donations page, as the entire world accuses him of being a legitimate idiot for his now infamous disregard of basic book learnin'. 

"Tell McCaskill that Your Standing With Todd Akin!" reads the banner across the top of his donations page. 

akin fetus.JPG
You might also notice the huge fetus-zilla to the right of the page. Don't sneer: that could be your rapist's baby. 

But it's that typo that really has some tweeps worked up:

Rep. Todd Akin is bad at science and his website minions are bad at spell-check. Wow. RT : New TYPO = Your're.

Akin campaign changed "Your" in the banner to "Your're". Progress? 

Grammar is so, so hard you guys. Who can even figure out that your/you're/your're stuff anyway?

 I believe it's "you're" RT : It's 5 p.m. in Missouri. Do you know where your Todd Akin is?  || your're

Akin's staff also missed a stray "to" in a press release they sent out to the media this morning. It's easy to catch since it's the bolded (i.e. most important thing) in the most important press release of  his career:

akin typo.JPG

Without the grammar Nazi vote, Akin may just be down to the White Power kind in this race. 

Update: Akin's web people have fixed the typo and taken down the fetus-zilla. 

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