Guns Blazin' n' Insults Flyin', GOP Candidates Wrap Up "Victory Tour" in STL County

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todd akin
Leah Greenbaum
Will Todd Akin oust Claire McCaskill to reunite with BFF Roy Blunt atop Capital Hill? Only time and millions of Super PAC dollars will tell.
Basking in their post-primary glow, state GOP candidates ended a two-day "Victory Tour" just outside St. Louis yesterday. Daily RFT was there at a strip mall in Fenton, hoping to catch some Olympic gold medalists on their own better-known and more accurately-named "Victory Tour."

We didn't find Abby Wambach amid the stacks of GOP yard signs, but 300 or so STL-area Republicans were on hand to celebrate their slate and revel in partisan glory... however premature.

GOP contenders, including aspiring-Senator Todd Akin, current Senator Roy Blunt, Lt. Governor Peter Kinder (who is seeking reelection), Governor-hopeful Dave Spence, and Attorney General-aspirant Ed Martin, spoke for several minutes each, often returning to these themes:

--"Obamacare" as the great social and economic evil of our time.
--Good ole fashioned "American energy"---err cough cough coal--can and should make Missouri energy-independent.
--Fun nonsequiter jokes about the Carnahan family.
--Missouri's economy is in the toilet and Gov. Nixon, Sen. McCaskill, and President Obama want to turn the state into a dirty socialist, baby-killing sex club.

roy blunt
Roy Blunt is pretty blunt about the fact that he f^%&ing hates Harry Reid and loves him some coal.
Roy Blunt served with Akin in the House of Representatives until 2010 when he defeated Robin Carnahan to become Missouri's junior senator. He is not up for re-election this year, but has been campaigning for Akin to replace Senator Claire McCaskill, whose name could not be said without hisses or guffaws at this rally.

"There are lots of good reasons to elect my friend Todd Akin to the Senate," Blunt said. "Todd and I were among the most conservative members of our delegation--and of the whole house. I'd love to have him right there with me again, but more importantly I'd like Harry Reid [D-Nevada] to not be Senate Majority Leader anymore."

As Blunt points out, the Akin-McCaskill race is a pivotal one for control of the U.S. Senate. If Republicans can gain four seats they will retake the Senate and McCaskill is widely viewed as the weakest link in the Democratic stronghold right now.

edmartin obamacare ambulance
"I break for..... whatever isn't Obamacare?" Ed Martin and co probably have some more brainstorming to do on the bumper sticker front.
As Akin wrapped up his pitch for overturning Obama's healthcare plan and turning to coal and fossil fuels to resolve the nation's energy problems, he reflected on what has made America a great nation in the past.

"We've grown up in this land and there are a lot of things we've been through as a nation. We are the country that fought in both World War I and II," he said to applause. "We volunteered to tax ourselves to rebuild our enemies. How often does that happen in history? [a reference to FDR's Marshall Plan]"

Obviously, this was an irony-free zone.

As the awkward pall of this positive reference to taxation, government spending, and charity passed, Akin returned to his base's more familiar nutmeat. "We're a very unique nation and it's good to ask ourselves how we got this way," he said. "America is founded on the concept that our God blessed us with life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."

Yes. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington just sat back and let God do His thang.

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KittyLitterKing topcommenter

Roy Blunt is as much a conservative as Barrack Obama is a native-born Kenyan.

John Dunning
John Dunning

Great, so you guys pledge allegiance to moving humanity backwards? Coal is the process of burning fossil fuels and healthcare expenses were adding a signficant amount to our national debt. Now that we have a President facing off on these issues, you want to start over?

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Guns blazin? Who was shooting weapons? I missed it. You must be talking about that incident at the Family Research Council where the LGBT supporter tried to shoot some conservatives working peacefully at their desks.

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Putting actual quotes from candidates would have been better than sarcastic, made up jabs. If what they actually said was that bad it would have spoke for itself. This article is more about what your opinion of the GOP rather than what they actually said. Its not like they said "y'all gonna be in chains"

Riverfront Times
Riverfront Times

We have to call BS when we see it. Sorry if it offends ya.

Bart Cohn
Bart Cohn

Thanks for keeping it real, RFT!

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