Top 5 Anti-Akin T-Shirts (and Their Uses)

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#5. For those hoping to ruin/confuse a first date:

Pic Illeg Rape.JPG
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#4. For those comfortable making the leap from "Hey, Todd Akin said something offensive!" to "Hey, Congressman Todd Akin rapes people!":
Legit Rapist.JPG
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#3. For Sarah Palin and Ann Coulter (because they hate Todd Akin, and this shirt looks somewhat pink, and they're girls):

No thanks Akin.jpg
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#2. For anyone hoping to get laid by a Democratic operative (if that ever happens):

Akin hate women.jpg
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#1. For those who are angry at Kristen Stewart*:

Rob P deserves better.jpg
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*That last one's not really about Todd Akin. 

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