The 5 Worst Hairdos in Sports (Inspired by Colby Rasmus' Cornrows)

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Tamed mane: Colby before and after.
So, Colby Rasmus has cornrows. We heard about the news at -- where else? -- the beauty parlor. And while public reaction to the new look has been mixed (we're hoping his biggest fan approves), it got us to thinking:

What are the worst hairstyles ever in sports?

Following is our list. Got your own nomination? Leave it in the comment section.

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No. 5: Andre Agassi's mullet
There's a long and distinguished list of athletes who wore terrible mullets over the years. Randy Johnson comes to mind. Jaromir Jagr's was extraordinary. But no one wore the shoulder duster as well as tennis star Andre Agassi. Even more incredible about Agassi's mane is that it was -- at times -- fake. In his 2008 autobiography, Agassi blames his wig for costing him the 1990 French Open.

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No. 4: Terry Bradshaw: The balding pageboy
Sure. He has four Superbowl rings, has enjoyed a lengthy second career as a television analyst/yukster for Fox and had a cameo role in the greatest car movie of all time, Cannonball Run. He also has one of the worst 'dos in all of sport, second perhaps, to wrestling's Hulk Hogan. Oh, wait! They're the same haircut. C'mon guys. Face it. You're bald. Just shave that blond halo.

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