5 Ideas for Fenton's Vacant Chrysler Site

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chrysler plant razed.jpg
Last month Daily RFT examined a Facebook campaign that seeks to bring an IKEA to the 295 acres in Fenton that -- until 2009 -- was home to a Chrysler plant. As we confirmed from IKEA, the former site of the automaker (above) is too big for one of its stores.

So what might this prime real estate along Interstate 44 be used for? Daily RFT did some brainstorming and came up with the following five suggestions:

5. Hopeville II
hopeville chrysler.jpg
Rev. Larry Rice (above) can't find anywhere to set up his homeless camp. He's not wanted in the city. He's not wanted in north county. So why not Fenton? It's got a lot going for it: The land is cleared and flat -- perfect for pitching tents. It's also a long way away from residents who might complain. And the Chrysler site has a water feature! The Meramec River borders one end of the property -- sort of like the Hopeville camp along the Mississippi River that St. Louis officials dismantled last spring.

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