5 Ideas for Fenton's Vacant Chrysler Site

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2. New Rams stadium
rams chrysler.jpg
And you didn't think our photo editing skills could get any worse? (See the Larry Rice image.) Seriously, though, there has been a lot of chatter (including a suggestion from the mayor of Fenton) about building a football stadium for the Rams at the Chrysler site. Regardless of the outcome of the Rams lease negotiation with the CVC, there's no doubting that the Fenton location would do wonders for tailgating, allowing for hundred of acres of surface parking. (The tailgaters' mecca known as Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City sits on a similar tract of land -- 220 acres -- as the Chrysler property.)

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5. IKEA store

4. IKEA store

3. IKEA store

2. IKEA store

1. IKEA store for the win!


I hate that 5 hour drive to Chicago just to shop.


egolterman topcommenter

In the sprit of 'regionalism' which is 'how much money the County can be made to

pour into the City'  a nice turnaround would be for the Lambs to move to Fenton. Mr. Kroenke builds the stadium out of pocket-change. The County would use some of the tax money to pay off the bonds for Dome 1, which it never should have taken on, and may be to pay off Busch Stadium- 3 bonds, which it never should have taken on. Instead of public funding for Dome 2 and Arch 2015, the City concentrates on fixing its collapsing infrastructure.

Mike Schwab
Mike Schwab

Not enough paying fans for the track on the Illinois side to keep it open.


Every time I pass by this site I try to imagine what would work.   One idea I had was for public green houses and a garden space or even a new city park like Forrest Park. 

JoJo Prapaisilapa
JoJo Prapaisilapa

Since IKEA is out, an outdoor NFL stadium and a smaller MLS soccer stadium/outdoor concert venue.

Robert Winkelmann
Robert Winkelmann

Great. An IKEA. More foreign goods. That's sure to help the economy of this country.

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