Bob Cassilly's Estate in Turmoil; Widow Says She's Being Squeezed Out of City Museum

Giovanna Cassilly has five weeks to close her business in City Museum or face eviction.
A year ago today the founder of the City Museum, Bob Cassilly, died in a freak bulldozer accident at his newest project, Cementland.

For Cassilly's widow, Giovanna, today will be a day for remembering her lost husband. She'll recall his magnetic smile, his passion for this work and his love for their two children -- Dylan, 12, and Robert, 7. And if she's lucky, she'll forget -- for just a few hours -- the ugly legal dispute that has engulfed her ever since her husband's passing.

More on Bob Cassilly's life, death and legacy.

Per eviction proceedings initiated in St. Louis Circuit Court by her husband's former business partner, Dave Jump, Giovanna has until November 1 to vacate The Baleout, a vintage clothing shop she's operated out of the City Museum's fourth floor since 2007.

Giovanna's ouster from the City Museum is only the latest skirmish in a two-front legal battle over Bob Cassilly's estate that has pitted Giovanna against Jump and the adult children from her husband's first marriage, Daisy and Max Cassilly.

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Peat Wolleager
A portrait of Bob Cassilly created prior to his death.
It's Jump's legal maneuverings, however, that Giovanna says are proving to be the most damaging as she tries to settle her husband's estate and provide for her two young children. Bob Cassilly left no will, leaving the future ownership of the City Museum in doubt. Bob and Jump each owned a 50 percent stake in the venture, but Giovanna says she hasn't seen a penny of the profits of City Museum this year, leaving her without the means to maintain her husband's work at Cementland.

"Dave Jump is trying to strangle me financially," says Giovanna from Europe, where she's been exhibiting her artwork for the past four months. "He's been using stall tactics all year causing damage to the rest of the estate -- things that he has no stake in."

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It's common for people not to like each other when doing business together, however, once in the office there's a certain kind of professionalism that should come about. From how the article reads, Jump has assumed most of the control of the City Museum (whether it be legal or not), yet let greed and/or power sway him from what is morally right.

It would be right for Jump to give the Cassilly family the profits in which it deserves. Without Bob's dream, there wouldn't have even been a City Museum for Jump to invest and profit from. And you would think with the thousands of people that come from all over the world, just to see this amazing structure, Jump would see all the opportunities that lay ahead with Cemenland.

It's just sad to see such an amazing dream that could do so much for the community be put off by a seemingly selfish tyrant.


It seems like Jump’s savvy legal tactics are successfully miring down the entire estate.  With time on his side, Jump is clearly working the system to the best of his advantage.      

It will be a sad day if the court rules against further disbursements for Giovanna, Dylan and Robert.  Reasonable funds should be made available to Cassily’s estate for the proper maintenance of certain assets.  City and State tax abatements should also be made available to the estate… after all, image the tax revenue the Museum has generated over the years for the district.  

Regardless, I suppose we are all subject to the same court of public opinion; that being said, I have rendered my verdict for the quality of Mr. Jump’s character.


I had the pleasure of knowing Bob, Dave and Giovanna. I don't understand why the article entirely omits the fact that Giovanna was about to leave Bob at the time of his death for another. And having known Bob, I don' t think he would have given her any support past the divorce. Children- yes, but not G.

She was entirely abusing his power at the City Museum, and pretty much no one who has worked with/ around her has ever had anything good to say about the woman. 

So... as far as I see it, karma is a bitch...

smdrpepper topcommenter

Its a sad situation.  This is the sort of thing that can close the City Museum quickly.  There are people around the country that know about this place and actually go there to check it out.  I am always amazed at the people here in Florida when I tell them I am from St Louis, they ask me about City Museum and not the tow hook.


I hope Dave Jump jumps to the right decision and instead of thinking PROFIT and flipping for profit, allows Giovanna Cassilly and her two boys to carry on with Cementland.

They by far have the Bob's vision and best interests to invest in into the Project.

Also, why are they not allowed any part of City Museum? Mrs. Cassilly shoud be part of 

the everyday operations and expansion of the City Museum. 




Well maybe she had enough death threats from the step "kid" and the fact that he was "robbed" by guys in a new hummer, shot a dozen times by a simi automatic gun, chased by cops in patrol cars and on foot only for his gunman to have all charges dropped and no trial... yeah, can't say I'd blame her IF that were true. Raising 2 young kids in Saint Louis city with a covered up shooting right after Bob's death ... this woman has been terrorized and is still standing STRONG.


 @sanssoma She clearly stated she didn't find it a wise investment of her time to work for the City Museum. It appears she is willing to save Cementland and continue using her husbands profits from the City Museum as capital to get the project open. 



Pretty simple. Just buy out Dave Jump and then YOU can do just that. 


 @Your_Momma  @sanssoma No buy out option while half of City Museum is in probate. No money will be left by the time estate will be closed if the law doesn't stop Jump from hiding it. NOT PRETTY-NOT SIMPLE.


 @Your_Momma That "thing" on the Operation Agreements that were presented by Jump's attorneys does indeed trump the probate law that would put her in an equal position...

A stack of papers, not notarized, with no witnesses and not filed with anyone other than Jump and in HER HUSBANDS OFFICE THAT HE LOCKED HER OUT OF. What a coincidence. My apartment lease is more official that those documents. 




See that's the thing about private ownership. You get to do what the fuck you want.


When you own something, Dave Jump won't be able to tell you what to do with it.



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