Five More St. Louis Homicides Prompted By Food (Cheetos Murder Not Included)

It seems so senseless, it's almost unbelievable. According to the St. Louis police department, a man was stabbed to death Tuesday night in an argument over a bag of Cheetos.

Unfortunately, though, this week's incident only adds to a list of food fights turned deadly in St. Louis. Culling our news archives, we quickly came up with five somewhat similar murders.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Murdered Over Rally's Cheeseburgers
Carl Sharp lost his life in the summer of 2008 after getting in an argument with his neighbor over a fast-food order. According to reports, Sharp feuded with the then fifteen-year-old Dominque Jacobs (right) over the quantity of his fast-food order. Had he ordered two or three cheeseburgers? After the argument, Jacobs allegedly rode his bike to Sharp's home and shot the 26-year-old father to death.

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