Five More St. Louis Homicides Prompted By Food (Cheetos Murder Not Included)

It seems so senseless, it's almost unbelievable. According to the St. Louis police department, a man was stabbed to death Tuesday night in an argument over a bag of Cheetos.

Unfortunately, though, this week's incident only adds to a list of food fights turned deadly in St. Louis. Culling our news archives, we quickly came up with five somewhat similar murders.

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Murdered Over Rally's Cheeseburgers
Carl Sharp lost his life in the summer of 2008 after getting in an argument with his neighbor over a fast-food order. According to reports, Sharp feuded with the then fifteen-year-old Dominque Jacobs (right) over the quantity of his fast-food order. Had he ordered two or three cheeseburgers? After the argument, Jacobs allegedly rode his bike to Sharp's home and shot the 26-year-old father to death.

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Pratie Head
Pratie Head

What is it in fast food and junk food that would let anyone do something like this?

Gordon Gengler
Gordon Gengler

What's next? Crazy. Cheetos are good not worth killing someone over.

Danielle Keeney
Danielle Keeney

This is crazy and what our world has come what's next?

Barry Bean
Barry Bean

Clearly we need Cheeto control now! Time to get all those Cheetos off the streets and out of the hands of criminals!

Trace Welsh
Trace Welsh

The chicken case was double disturbing

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