Chrishaun Hilliard Learns that 911 Is, In Fact, Not a Joke In Our Town

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Chrishaun Hilliard wasn't even born yet when Public Enemy convinced everyone about 911
Last Thursday morning, city police received a 911 call about an "Officer in Need" in the Carondelet neighborhood, according to the Circuit Attorney.

So the cops hustled over.

Here's what they  recall happening in the probable cause statement:

the caller, defendant Chrishaun Hilliard, informed us that he was not a police officer but wanted a faster response to his call.
Yeah, you can't do that, son, no matter how badly you want the cops to come deal with your situation. (We don't yet know what his issue was; we'll update if we find out).

The 20-year-old from Baden has been charged with impersonating an officer.

Turns out that Public Enemy is not a perfect roadmap for how the world works.

Can't truss it.

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Shit, I am the Officer of my house, my Sole Proprietorship, etc, etc, etc. 


Good luck making that stick, unless he explicitly said he was a Commissioned Law Enforcement Officer, as far as I can tell that statement doesn't mean he was impersonating anything. 


Of course, the moron probably said too much after the fact. 

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