Fake Cop Assault Story a Fake

playmobil police res.jpg
No need to keep looking for this guy, he doesn't exist.
So the story that unidentified woman told about being pulled over in Clayton by a man who looked like a police officer, and was then punched in the face and dragged out her car by the guy? Yeah, the woman now says she made it up.

Personally, I'm disappointed. I really liked the part of her tale where she claimed to headbutt her assailant right in the junk, but then I watched a lot of "America's Funniest Home Videos" during the Saget years.

Clayton Police yesterday confirmed that the woman has recanted her story, and that no assault took place. Unfortunately, they learned this late in the day, after devoting quite some time to looking for the "suspect" and his car.

The woman, who's only been identified as 47-years-old at this point, could now be charged with filing a false police report. She'll be identified only if she's charged.

Ah, well. At least "AFV" is real.

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This sounds familiar to me. An acquaintance of mine called crying after telling me she had been pulled over by someone she thought was a police officer. She said the man raped her on the side of I-70, just over the bridge into Illinois. Guess what? After trying to get her to let me drive her to the hospital and file a police report, she admitted she was lying. She was drunk and distraught over breaking up with my roommate and decided she'd try and make up a story to get his attention. Evidently, it's the 3rd time this has "happened" to her.

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