New Court Filing Details "Gladiator-Style Combat" in City Workhouse

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Welcome to the ring.
Attorneys for eight current and former inmates of the St. Louis Medium Security Institution have just filed an amended complaint that sheds new light on allegations of an ongoing fight club.

The federal class action suit names five guards for their involvment, and charges both current and former directors of public safety and corrections commissioners with failing to address the problem.

"The allegations are an atrocity," says attorney Ryan Smith, who is representing one of the plaintiffs. "This is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of the abuse these people have been suffering."

Two of the named guards, Dexter Brinson and Elvis Howard, were caught on surveillance tape supposedly setting up a fight between two inmates. The pair are currently facing criminal charges. Since those charges have gone public, more inmates came forward, describing what Smith characterizes as "human dog fighting."

After the jump, a very brief rundown of what each inmate (current and former) is alleging, according to the new complaint.

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