Post-Apocalyptic Portraits of the Abandoned Forest Park Hospital [PHOTOS]

FoPo beds.jpg
Nick Zulauf
The post-apocalyptic world of Forest Park Hospital.
When Nick Zulauf arrived at Forest Park Hospital -- closed since May 2011 -- he says he saw a lone police officer at the entrance, seemingly there to keep out the riffraff.

Click for a full slideshow of the abandoned Forest Park Hospital.

Zulauf says he asked if it would be alright to take some pictures of the otherwise abandoned 567,000-square-foot building, and the cop said that was fine. Zulauf may have failed to mention that he meant pictures of the inside of the massive hospital.

"You really can't get in through any of the external doors," he says. "I found kind of a round-about-way behind an overgrown area. There's a little storm grate. It goes right into this basement."

The hospital -- once the home of a nursing school, an emergency room, a psychiatric wing, and a maternity ward -- struggled financially for years before the doors closed for good. Now, it's slated to become an expansion site for the St. Louis Zoo.

Though a handful of psych patients and office space lessees were still on the premises as recently as March 2012, Zulauf -- an IT manager by day who's been an "urban explorer" for ten years -- found the place deserted.

Armed with his camera, Zulauf captured some truly amazing images, a sample of which are just after the jump. In some corners, he found what looked like the aftermath of a hasty evacuation. In others, the look of a fully functional hospital, as if a gaggle of nurses and patients could come wheeling around the corner at any minute.

"It's a little creepy because there are still things on. Things are buzzing, things are beeping," says Zulauf. "The water still runs."

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Damn you for beating me to it!


Spoiler alert: There is some porn in his full series on Imgur, so, don't show your little kids or whatever. There are also a ton of blurry images that may offend photography professors, or people who enjoy seeing well-edited groups of images.


Good thing that we don't have any sick people left who could use a hospital, or else it'd be a shame that we're throwing away a perfectly good one.

Sean Murphy
Sean Murphy

Someone contact Hollywood manny scary movies could be filmed there


One pic in the hospital has some porn that was at the hospital. I dump my images on imgur. I'm sorry I couldn't satisfy you with non blurry images. Why don't you take some pictures and get them posted. Then I can criticize your work.

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