Introducing the "Illegitimate Rape" Whistle

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This reporter's got hers!
Should have seen this coming -- after Rep. Todd Akin's incredibly stupid comments about "legitimate rape" someone has started producing "illegitimate rape" whistles.

But the product has a major design flaw. As the producers say in their own promotional literature, there is no such thing as "illegitimate rape." So what are these things for?

"'Illegitimate rape' is a fictitious and totally offensive concept, so here are a few suggestions for how you can put your whistle to good use," the owner's manual reads. "1) Officiate a track and field event. 2) Volunteer as a crossing guard at your local school."

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Amanda Zaydman
Amanda Zaydman, like most folks when they first heard about the magical ability of a raped woman's body to "shut that whole thing down," was pretty appalled back in August when the comments first hit the airwaves.

"A business school classmate called and said, 'Hey, I think we should do an actual illegitimate rape whistle,'" recalls Zaydman, a recent Wash U MBA graduate. "I immediately thought it would be a good idea."

The website for "Illegitimate Whistle" went up over that following weekend, and Zaydman and her unnamed partner (he technically works for some branch of the Missouri government and wants to remain anonymous) were up and running. Their product and tagline, "Sounding Off on Legitimate Stupidity," have been featured in Forbes and the D.C. political blog Roll Call. She's already sent whistles to 20 cities around the country.

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@ProducerMatthew hopefully some part of profits to ‘Planned Parenthood’ or similar #ProChoice group #FortunesOfWar


@ProducerMatthew Does it make a sound like "wah-waah"?

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

The Duke lacrosse team doesn't find this funny.

JamesMadison topcommenter

What is an "illegitimate rape"? Simple - false accusations. They happen. The women who make a false accusation make it ten times more difficult for the ones who had a "legitimate rape."  If people would stop and pull their partisan heads out of their asses, they would be able to see this is what Akin meant in his infamously stupid statement. On the good side of his stupid statement, he learned something - watch RFT own video link of the apology. Ask yourself if you'd rather have a politician that can learn from his mistakes, or a senator who thinks she is always right, even when she votes both ways on the same bill.

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