[NSFW] Karlie Kloss' Ribs Photoshopped Out of Fashion Pic; Uproar Ensues

Will the real Karlie Kloss please.....maybe eat a sandwich?
Top model Karlie Kloss (who is twenty years old and grew up in Webster Groves) is now gracing the pages of the French fashion mag, Numéro -- well, a certain photoshopped version of her is, at least. And some people aren't happy about it.

Including the artiste behind the lens, photographer Greg Kadel, who grew so displeased with what Numéro did to his shots of Kloss, he e-mailed New York Magazine to say that he was "shocked and dismayed" at the "unacceptable and unnecessary" airbrushing.

Kadel's original photo looked like this:

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