Missouri Legislature Overturns Nixon's Veto on Anti-Contraception Bill

Voting "yes" to override Nixon's veto were 102 Republicans and 7 Democrats in the House and 24 Republicans and 2 Democrats in the Senate.

Voting "no" (ie against overriding the veto) were 44 Democrats and 1 Independent in the House and 1 Republican and 5 Democrats in the Senate.

The deciding vote was cast by Republican Rep. Chris Molendorp--the only member of his party to vote against the legislation when it appeared before the House in May. According to reports, Molendorp, an insurance agent, was visibly upset after this vote and did not join his fellow Republicans for a celebratory press conference.

Not surprisingly, a majority of those opposed to the legislation were women:

Voting "yes" to override Nixon's veto were 18 women, and 117 men between both houses.

Voting "no" were 26 women and 25 men between both houses.

St. Louis' own State Senator Robin Wright-Jones was one of a handful of legislators who did not vote.

Nevertheless, Daily RFT was surprised by the number of women in the legislature who did support the override. Although the convenient national bra-burning narrative tells us male legislators across the country are making decisions to limit women's reproductive rights without their input, nearly as many women in the Missouri legislature supported SB 749 as opposed.

18 (Republican) ladies--about 40 percent of the female reps in MoLeg--didn't mind ceding their reproductive rights to the will of employers and insurance companies.

Some more reactions from across Twitter:

From Susan Montee, Peter Kinder's Democratic opponent for Lt. Governor.

montee tweet.JPG

From Peter Kinder, ever a friend to the ladies of St. Louis and East St. Louis alike.
peter kinder.jpg

Linda Black (one of three women to speak on the floor), chair of the Missouri Democrats Right to Life coalition:
linda black tweet.JPG

From labor activist and AFL-CIO field organizer @cathysherwin:
aflio tweet.JPG

Rep. Stacey Newman, on the floor via @ProgressMO:
stacey tweet.JPG

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