Extreme Library Makeover: Presenting the New and Improved Central Library

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egolterman topcommenter

What you see is parties, banquets, weddings and event spaces like the Zoo and Museums in the Park, for the 'laundering' of millions of dollars a year by  the 'mucks'. At the taxpayers expense. But the taxpayers are getting screwed. Nothing in this for them and it looks like fewer books. Like Archibald and Benjamin and Zoo and the others changed their mission to 'making money'.  The other problem is our historic civic center is still a deadzone-from Market St. to Washington Avenue. Dark and dangerous. Grand Center would not let it 'come bac'k. There would not be the crime or homeless problems had they not strangled Kiel Opera House before it reopened.



Great investment of tax dollars to create a renovated palace for the homeless to take a dump on the steps of. 


It'll be great until you wander into the restroom and see a homeless dude washing his balls in the sink.

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