[UPDATED] Police Chase Ends in Henious Crash at Grand and Chouteau

From left to right: KSDK, KTVI, KMOV
Updated at 12:19 pm with info from police.

All the TV news channels are abuzz this morning with a police chase that concluded in a fatal crash that killed three young people in the wee morning hours. It all ended at Grand Boulevard and Chouteau Avenue, and may snarl traffic a bit during the morning rush.

According to KMOV Channel 4 (who had it first), it was this bad:
When the vehicle crashed, it reportedly shred into multiple pieces. Police said it will likely take investigators hours to find all the pieces to the car. St. Louis police Captain Michael Sack described the crash scene as "horiffic."

It appears that just after 2:30 am, officers responded to shots fired at the 2300 block of Minnesota, which is on the southern edge of the Compton Heights neighborhood.

When the cops arrived, four people in their early 20s fled in a Nissan Maxima, and cops apparently saw one of them flashing a handgun (although KSDK Channel 5 wrote that it looked like a rifle).

In any case, the car sped west to Grand, then north. After reaching about 100 miles per hour, it struck one of the concrete planters near Chouteau.

Wrote KTVI Fox2:

two people died on impact. A third person was taken away in an ambulance, but later died.  The fourth person is in critical condition.


This report has been released by the SLMPD:

Incident: Fatal Vehicle Accident
Location: 800 black of S. Grand
Dates/Times: 9/20/12 @ 2:45
Suspect(s): Two early 20's black males and on early 20's black female who were
pronounced deceased at the scene. One early 20's black male who was transported to a
local hospital in serious but stable condition.
Synopsis: The 3rd District received numerous calls for shots fired in the 2500 block
of Minnesota and surrounding blocks beginning at approximately 11:00pm and extending
to approximately 2:30am. At approximately 2:45am, patrol officers in the area observed
a Nissan Maxima in the area with numerous subjects, including one subject holding what
appeared to be a firearm. Believing that these subjects may be involved in the numerous
shots fired calls in the area, officers attempted to stop the vehicle near Shenandoah;
however, the vehicle fled at a high rate of speed. As officers pursued the vehicle, it
crashed into the concrete planters in the 800 block of S. Grand, killing three of the
occupants. Officers have recovered a handgun along the route of the pursuit. No officers
were injured and the investigation is continuing.

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egolterman topcommenter

So much for the 'pockets of crime' the Mayor says he can take care of with a lousy $300,000 out of another public safety budget. The whole city is a 'pocket of crime'.


It's amazing how the "pro-life" like KITTY and tehmongering always love to revel in the death of others.


Shed no tears. The deaths of these people is a great thing. Now watch as the memorials and teddy bears start showing up at the spot where they died. If only we could plant mines and snipers to kill those that cared about them. The only thing worse than thugs are those that believe they deserve a dignified end.


Punk Ass Thugs trying to kill someone only to end up getting killed themselves. Thank God they didn't injure or kill any one with their bullets or the  car that was being driven at speeds of 100 mph+. down Grand Ave. Reminds me of that fucking Pakistani who died Tuesday from inhailing toxic  fumes of an American Flag he set on fire.  Poetic Justice.  And let's hope every Pakistani and all other terrorists and anarchists  who  set  fire to the Stars & Stripes also die from inhailing toxic fumes. Sadly, it's too bad those toxic burnt-flag fumes didn't occur when the very first American Flag was burned a long time ago.



@MikeN Whoa whoa whoa. Where does it say I'm pro-life? Where did you read that? Do you know me? Fyi I'm pro-choice and if the parents of these mongrels had been too (and been smart...that helps) we might've avoided what happened early this morning. It might come as a surprise to you but many of us don't fit into the nice neat little ideological compartments the media, politicians, and people like you would build for us. So the next time you decide to assume something assume you're wrong and shut the fuck up. I'm also not a christian, so keep you're stupid little "proverbs" to yourself.


 @MikeN I don't revel in the death of anyone except terrorists and their ilk. Perhaps if some of these punk thugs drove by your house and opened fire killing one of your loved ones, you would have greater disdain for these monsters who shoot and kill at the drop of a hat. I bet the farm you would! Have no mercy on anyone who tries to shoot and kill innocent people.


 @KITTY  @MikeN

 Proverbs 24:17 says:

“Do not rejoice when your enemy falls and do not let your heart be glad when he stumbles"

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