Streetwalkin' is Bumpin' in South City; Johns Rejoice While Aldermen Look to Legislate

Cardonolet and Dutchtown residents are not happy to see these ladies in their hood. "Mongers", though, are thrilled.
Street prostitution is alive and well in parts of South City, and members of the Board of Alderman are working on legislation to shut down strolls in residential areas.

Last week, KMOV 4 reported that street-walking ladies had descended on neighborhoods in Cardonolet and Dutchtown after a city ordinance used to arrest sex workers was ruled unconstitutional last month be a federal court. Today the Board of Alderman introduced a bill at their first meeting after summer recess to allow police officers to arrest suspected prostitutes and their procurers.

A quick Google search turned up hundreds of comments from johns on the forum, trading reviews and phone numbers of women on the South City stroll.

In the segment on KMOV, reporter Russel Kinsaul interviews neighbors and concerned citizens about the women they've seen strutting their stuff. But aside from blurry faraway images of random loitering women, there's no word in any media reports from sex workers or their customers. Daily RFT decided to fill that hole with some select posts from the St. Louis Street Walker Report. No photos in our post, but note that the descriptions that follow are sexually explicit and may be NSFW.

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JamesMadison topcommenter

The first two listed behaviors are done by cheerleaders and football teams trying to raise money for trips to competitions, too. Why are these kids not arrested under the same law? They cause more traffic jams and are more dangerous to safety than these folks working for a living. #5 is just silly law. Clearly, freedoms in this country make that unconstitutional, or has the total conversion to allowing the government to do as they please been achieved? Keep the law to lewd acts in public with a non-police citizen filing a complaint. Otherwise, no harm, no foul. Let's spend our time and money making sure the women engaged in prostitution are doing so willingly, and not as sex slaves or indentured servants. Get the slave traders and pimps, not the workers.


*Carondelet, not Cardonolet!

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