Samantha Edwards: Charged with Naked Ice Capades in Greene County

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Samantha Edwards: Is being high, naked and wild (all allegedly) a crime these days? 
The Jordan Valley Ice Park in Greene County (near Springfield, MO) has a recurring roof problem. And that problem is that Samantha Edwards, 27, allegedly keeps geting buck naked on the roof for 30 minutes at a time.

According to the Springfield News-Leader, Edwards was spotted on the roof of the ice park on May 27. A surveillance camera allegedly shows her "exposing her genitals to several people, throwing her bra on a walking trail and leaning over the balcony of the building." 

But it's not all fun and free peeks when Edwards strips off.

According to a bond recommendation document filed by the Greene County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, "Defendant was likely high on bath salts at the time and also ripped the covers off of two electrical boxes and removed two fire extinguishers from the building."

That same bond recommendation notes that this isn't the first time the police have come to the park for a call of a naked Edwards in progress, but it doesn't specify how many times that call has been made -- or when she's most likely to appear if you're currently making plans to go ice skating in Green County.

Edwards is being held in the Greene County jail on a charge of felony fraudulent use of a credit or debit device from an unrelated case. She's been charged misdemeanor second-degree sexual misconduct and second-degree property damage. 

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Beats eating the face off somebody, though.  Let's be honest.


Shame on RFT for categorizing this as a Stupid Crime. This is plainly the best thing that has ever happened to an ice rink. I bet this "Paul Friswold" is actually an ugly woman. I bet this Friswold, whatever its sex, is curly-headed and alone!

JamesMadison topcommenter

Charge her for the destruction of property, but getting naked ought not be a crime. That is simply headline grabbing. Sexual misconduct for getting naked? When will we learn nudity does not mean sex.  "Exposing genitals"? Doubtful anyone used a speculum, and one of those looking would need to be one filing the complaint. The police ought not arrest someone because accuser is offended some third party got to see.


"removed two fire extinguishers from the building"... ...But even they still could not extinguish the fire known as Samantha J. Edwards...


Only in America can someone flash their cooch and get charged with sexual misconduct. When are we going to move from the Victorian era?


Best rationale for legal sale of 'bath salts' ever!

Eric Hahn
Eric Hahn

its a shame that she will never get the help she needs. Seen it to many time before.

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