Stan Kroenke: 92nd Wealthiest American and 10th Largest Landowner

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And this guy needs public funding?
The owner of the St. Louis Rams is making news this week, but not for anything regarding the uncertain future of his football franchise.

Forbes ranked Stan Kroenke the 92nd richest American in its annual ranking of the super rich. According to the current issue of the magazine, the 65-year-old Kroenke is worth $4 billion. In addition to owning the Rams and the pro basketball and hockey teams Denver Nuggests and Colorado Avalanche, Kroenke is chairman of THF Realty, a development company that builds strip malls (many of which are anchored by Walmart stores).

Kroenke's wife, Walmart heiress Ann Walton Kroenke, is actually worth more than her hubby, according to Forbes, with a net worth of $4.5 billion ranking her as the 79th wealthiest American.

In a separate article, Forbes also names Kroenke as the tenth largest landowner in the United States. Kroenke owns some 750,000 acres of land -- mostly in Montana and Wyoming.

Hmm, so if a stadium deals doen't work out in St. Louis or Los Angeles. There's always Big Sky country. The Missoula Rams, anyone? The mascot certainly makes more sense.

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John Field
John Field

I believe uberkroenke to be one of the largest holders of land next door in Canada, as well, with extensive estates in Alberta and British Columbia. Check it out, RFT.


Yea, and just watch the 92nd richest American come begging us tax payers to pay the lions share of  rehabbing The Dome.  Our elected officials should be ashamed  for giving Kroenke anything he wants. They give and WE pay! The money it will cost to rehab The Dome is merely walking around money for Kroenke - chump change.  Giving him another penny is unconscionable.

JamesMadison topcommenter

Public support of a private sports team makes zero sense. Study after study proves the revenues increases never offset the expenses. We'd be better off handing out money to the vendors and parking lot attendants than building a stadium... then paying the vendors and attendants.The Cardinals and Blues are no better. End public welfare to professional sports teams!

Shire Justin
Shire Justin

On a different level but the same feeling people have about the RFT here in STL.


 @base212assm As Bill McClellan wrote this morning, Mitt Romney was right. Certain people in this country DO feel "entitled" to public assistance: Bill DeWitt and Stan Kroenke! 

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