Vernell Loggins Receives Life Sentence for Killing & Dismembering Stephanie Fields

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Vernell Loggins, Jr.
Vernell Loggins Jr. avoided the death penalty in court yesterday, instead receiving a sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole for the 2009 murder of his girlfriend, Stephanie Fields. Prosecutors had sought the death penalty.

Loggins stabbed Fields a reported 25 times and then dismembered her in the Pacific, Missouri, apartment complex the two shared, stashing most of her body under ice and towels in a trash can, which he then glued shut. Fields' head was eventually recovered from the Meramec River.

Loggins' sentence hinged upon the timing of the dismemberment.

The prosecution argued that Loggins killed Fields and immediately dismembered her, which, if proven, would have resulted in the death penalty. Franklin County Judge Gael D. Wood ruled that the evidence presented did not prove when the dismembering took place, and opted for life without parole.

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He was my friend. I really don't understand how he could have done this. I haven't seen him since 2000, guess some people do change.


Why in the fuck would the timing of the dismemberment have anything to do with whether or not we kill this scumbag?  American justice is just plain retarded at times.  Dude should be beaten until he begs for death...and then beat some more.

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