Crazy Lake of the Ozarks Boat Crash Footage Goes Viral [VIDEO]

Boat crash.JPG
Moments before impact.
Some utterly insane footage from inside an out-of-control motor boat is going about as viral as it gets.

Brett Tintera, the cameraman, spoke to us from home where he is laid up with a broken leg and wrist, about the typhoon of attention he's received since the footage went online.

"It's pretty bizarre to me," he says. "Every news show I can think of wanted me to go out for an interview."

Tintera affixed a camera to the dashboard of the boat, then rode along with the driver (he's the guy in blue in the background). The ride was part of his job as a producer and cameraman for Lake TV.

The guy driving the 2003 Fountain Boat is Marvin F. Carter III, from Memphis, Tennessee. Tintera says he sees in the footage that Carter threw the throttle down all the way (translation for non-boat people: that's apparently a big no-no) and blasted into some waves left behind by another boat.

"This particular boat was going obscenely fast," says Tintera. "It was a normal, beautiful day down there, there weren't many weird waves. It was just driver error."

Click through to see how the original footage appeared online -- the action starts at about 1:15.

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I hope the blonde in the bikini is okay. 


Maybe you should mention that Brett is the boyfriend of an RFT staffer?

Brian Boyd
Brian Boyd

Someone is compensating for a tiny willie.

James Madison
James Madison

Take the bikini girls out of the video, and you have a video of an idiot in a boat. With the girls, people are not focused on the idiot.

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