Adrienne Martin's Family Settles With August Busch IV for $1.75M - Partial Money Grab?

Adrienne Martin was 27 when she OD'ed at the mansion of August Busch IV in December 2010
August Busch IV -- scion of the Anheuser Busch dynasty and former CEO of that company -- has agreed to pay $1.75 million to the family of Adrienne Martin, his girlfriend who OD'ed at his Huntleigh mansion back in December 2010.

Most of the money ($1.35 million of it) will go to directly to Martin's young son, Blake. In addition, Martin's father, George "Larry" Eby, will receive $200,000 that he'll reportedly put into an annuity for the kid.

Christine Trampler, Martin's mother, will receive $200,000. But with all due respect to a grieving mother, what good will that do?

That's a genuine question; we don't understand it.

First, if she wants to teach August IV a lesson, $200k represents but a drop in the beer vat of his personal fortune.

Secondly, it won't bring her daughter back. It's probably not healthy to try to buy your way out of mourning.

Of course, if she uses to help raise her grandson, then we could understand it.  Daily RFT is not familiar with the family's financial situation, but the kid's father, Kevin Martin, is a doctor...

h/t Biz Journal, Post-Dispatch

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The money grubbing parents of Adrienne should not get one dime from AABIV. They had been estranged from Adrienne for a long time. Suddenly she dies, and they circle over the dead body like vultures wanting a chunk of the monies AABIV paid to settle the case. Shame on all of them. Blake  should have gotten every penny. A pox on Trampler's house!


Does anyone proof read any of these articles before they are posted online? Who is WE in this article and when did "kid" become a respectable term to call a minor. This publication is for all genders, age groups and life styles. it is not a blog, twitter or text, try to focus! it is a poor representation of writing skills or lack thereof.

DoucheMcGee topcommenter

it's always interesting when a family is so convinced someone had a part in the death of someone they love, and instead of pursuing criminal charges, they accept a settlement of cash.


 @mandywright Mandy, thanks for reading. To respond to your comment: (1) Nobody proofreads these things before they go up. (2) The "we" is the royal we of DailyRFT, meaning the blog itself. We avoid first person, but I, Nick Phillips, wrote this. (3) You find the term "kid" offensive? Really? (4) Correct, this blog is for everyone! (5) And yes, Daily RFT most certainly IS a blog (and is labeled such at the top of the page). As a blog, endeavors to have a "take" in every post. If you're looking for straight reporting, you will be disappointed here. (5) Thanks for your input. 

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